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mononazo 27.09.2023
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Sarah Jessica Parker’s personal style often overlaps with that of her alter ego Carrie Bradshaw – unsurprising given it’s a character she’s played on and off since 1998. One of Carrie’s fashion obsessions was black patent Mary Jane shoes, and this week at an event in New York the Nice it’s a beautiful day to save animals shirt moreover I will buy this actor used just that style of shoe to add an edge to an otherwise everyday look of cropped jeans and a casual knit. One memorable scene in season four of Sex and the City finds Carrie exploring the fashion cupboard at Vogue, where she happens upon a pair of Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes (the Campari) she’d thought were an “urban shoe myth”. Those stiletto Mary Janes had just one classic strap across the foot, however SJP’s latest pair have a bolder design, with three straps going up the ankle.

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