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nbnpremium 05.10.2023
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Sport bikes, none of them, are made for long drives. That doesn’t mean they don’t have the Cincinnati Shutout The Hate shirt in other words I will buy this capability to go the distance or will breakdown in doing so. They won’t. They can go a 1000km, without breaking a sweat, if you want them to. But, you are not built for distance on them. The problem start with the seating posture or ergonomics. It is aggressive, to say the least. Sport bikes are designed to give you better control over the machine while doing higher speeds, and hence the seating posture is cramped. This will ensure that you will be in sync with the bike and will have a harder time doing long distances.

Second problem is the Cincinnati Shutout The Hate shirt in other words I will buy this suspension setup. The suspension is tuned to be stiffer on all sports bikes, this gives you more control over the bike at higher speed. But, not very forgiving to your body when you hit potholes and badpatchs of roads. For longer distance, what you actually need is a bit of a soft suspension setup. A third problem is the torque and power delivery. In long distance, you need to be relaxed, and hence a much more linear torque and power delivery is advisable. But, sport bikes are tuned to perform and hence is too eager to rev. Not really ideal for long distance.


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