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With Coca-Cola containing 44 g of sugar and Mountains Dew a whopping 77 g per serving it just seems to me that certainly the Jauntsen cum in me bruh new 2023 shirt moreover I love this drinks would still taste quite well to consumers such as myself with perhaps half or a third less sugar. Also I am well aware of diet drinks etc. but as opposed to artificial sweeteners why is there no product that simply reduces the original sugar content altogether and not merely replace it with a (potentially more dangerous) alternating sweetener. The theory is—and I stress it is a theory—that artificial sweeteners provoke the same response from your body as actual sugar. You produce insulin, but the body has no sugar to digest, so you get food cravings. End result, people who drink diet soda eat more and gain weight, also develop metabolic syndrome, and are at risk for diabetes. The theory is controversial. First, because some scientists now question the presumed link between sugar consumption and diabetes. Second, because most survey-type studies of the subject note that people who drink diet soda gain more weight than regular soda drinkers, but fail to consider the possibility of reversing the causation: maybe people who tend to put on weight, for whatever reason, are more likely to drink diet soda.

It’s true, juices are full of sugar and cause many of the Jauntsen cum in me bruh new 2023 shirt moreover I love this same problems as soda. The sugar in fruit juice has been separated from the fiber of the fruit it came from. It overloads the liver and gets dumped into the bloodstream, and harms the liver in other ways. All this contributes to a myriad of health problems, such as obesity and diabetes. Sodas, though, are even more unhealthy because they’re usually sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup. This sweetener has all the drawbacks of any refined sweetener, as well its own nefarious qualities. High-fructose corn syrup suppresses the body’s sensation of feeling sated. When you’re eating or drinking foods with HGCS, you don’t get that satisfied feeling of having eaten enough. You just want more and more.


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