Laurenntee - The crawdaddy pocket shirt

laurenntee 27.09.2023
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Laurenntee - The crawdaddy pocket shirt

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IM is more concerned with the The crawdaddy pocket shirt also I will do this unique side of what is beautiful. He has sharp, almost humanoid features, pointed eyes, a pointed nose, and a protruding jaw. Monsta X’s maknae is quite handsome and always looks dashing no matter what style or look he pursues. I trembled, this boy’s duality is really killing me. This boy first introduced me to Monsta X because of a meme I saw him and now we understand. Of course, he would be the image of Monsta X. His long hair looks perfect on him and compliments his face so well. He has this unique pattern like beauty to him…. and yes, she is also a model!! I think his visuals are still underrated in Kpop. I think the only reason I rate him so low is because his face is cute and innocent rather than just classically handsome, even though he doesn’t look like him in this photo. He has the cutest nose ever and let me say this boy is not real.

Ah this man has such a pretty face and I think his looks are pretty underrated. He has the The crawdaddy pocket shirt also I will do this sweetest personality. Thick, well-proportioned eyebrows and almond-shaped eyes are very beautiful features of her face. However, his face shape is rounder and softer and he is one of the shortest members of Monsta X. I’m not saying that Joohoney isn’t handsome at all. He just has some very unique features, which you won’t often see on his standard handsome face. His face reminds me of a child with adorable dimples and chubby cheeks. I love his unique little eyes and I think he’s handsome, cute rather than handsome.


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