Happy Immigrant Heritage Month 2023

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America is a concept, not just a country. It is the belief that everyone is deserving of being treated equally throughout life and that everyone deserves a fair shot and an equal opportunity to succeed. That is what has enticed travelers to our shores for ages. It is what defines us as a person. And immigrants from all over the world, including my ancestors and yours, contributed to the advancement of that very idea of America. During National Immigrant Heritage Month, we honor their bravery and the dreams that helped to build America.

Happy Immigrant Heritage Month 2023

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The First Lady and I are happy to be the offspring of immigrants, including the Giacoppas from the northeastern region of Sicily in Italy and the Finnegans and Blewitts from County Louth and County Mayo, respectively. The parents of Vice President Harris, who was born in Oakland, California, were immigrants from Jamaica and India. Our parents and great-grandparents were unable to predict what the future would hold, just like so many others who still travel here in search of a better life. However, they had faith that anything was possible in America for their children and grandkids. They were accurate, too.

Immigrant Heritage Month 2023

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