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alibashirtstore 05.10.2023
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I recently stayed at a friend’s house and was turned on to Mountain Ocean’s Skin Trip Coconut Moisturizer. I lather it on after using my (also new!) shower obsession, the Antonio Williams Restore The Vote Tee Shirt moreover I love this C & The Moon Malibu body scrub. The combination not only smells heavenly but also makes me feel as if summer can last forever. My sister’s wedding is coming up in a few weeks, and I bought this Attico dress for the occasion. I love the silver hardware and high neck. While it’s definitely an investment piece, I know it’s something I’ll wear time and time again.

Inspired by the Antonio Williams Restore The Vote Tee Shirt moreover I love this Shawn Mendes street style snap of him in a beige sweater vest and jeans, I bought a neutral espresso-colored sweater vest from The Frankie Shop. It’s the perfect transitional piece from summer to fall and even winter since it can easily be layered. I’m loving my droll Pier Sicilia swim shorts, made in Sicily by my friend Pierfrancesco Virlinz. They will always remind me of summer on the most cathartic island in the Aegean. If I’m allowed two, I would add my beautiful cotton shirts from S�bline, made by Charles S�bline, an alum of Yves Saint Laurent, and Loulou de la Falaise�they’re another wonderful reminder of a summer in Greece. I’m already looking forward to wrapping up in cozy fall staples. But this year, I want to stock up on basics that aren’t boring�like this ribbed knit set from Helmut Lang.


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