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This is a true story from when I was a grad student in college hanging out with my best friend Jordan. We bonded over pot, South Park, music, and intellectual conversation. I could easily have imagined marrying him, if he were gay; he's one of the most deep connections in my life. On this particular day, at his request, I showed him how to manscape, which ended with us jerking off together.


Jordan was a few years younger than me, finishing up undergrad as I was finishing my master's degree. We'd originally met because he lived in a house with a guy I'd dated. Once that guy and I broke up, Jordan became my main companion. We literally hung out daily and he almost always spent the night on my couch, a better situation than the shared room he rented. In the evening when he came over, I'd be in spandex shorts from doing yoga, or most often, just my underwear, boxers or boxer briefs and a tee shirt. That's how I liked to hang out at home and Jordan didn't mind, even asking why I put on more clothes once when he came in and insisting that I be comfortable around him.

Jordan was 6 feet, a couple inches taller than me, with shaggy brown hair, pale white skin, and a toned body. Like many undergrads, he maintained his trim figure by walking everywhere and had long, lean muscles. While his legs were hairy like mine, he didn't have hair on his chest or stomach as I did. I was not quite as in shape (there's not so much walking in grad school!), but had a toned body from 90 minutes of yoga every other day.

There was always a flirtatious energy between us, though Jordan never went beyond the typical teasing of a straight guy with a close gay friend. We talked about everything quite openly and our favorite trait of each other was definitely our intellects. He'd grown up very sexually conservative because of his family's beliefs and was just starting to break out of that. Meanwhile, I was experiencing the freedom of a mid-twenties gay man who'd just left his conservative home state for a midwestern liberal college town. I'd asked him to consider a sexual encounter of some kind with me, mainly because we were such close friends (and he was gorgeous), but he always brushed it off.

Recently we'd gotten in the habit of watching porn together. It was clear at times as we watched that he was horned up, adjusting himself through his shorts. I was just wearing my undies, so no hiding anything there. One day sitting beside me on the couch, he asked me to get out my MacBook and pull up PornHub. The guy in the first thumbnail to come up was shaved completely.

"Do you shave, Matt?" Jordan asked.

"No, but I do manscape," I replied. He looked puzzled so I elaborated. "I trim things with clippers. You don't want the undergrowth to make the tree look smaller, right?"

"Sometime I want you to show me," Jordan requested. "I think I'm bushy but don't know anything about it 1080p porn sharing

I smirked. "Actually, I have my trimmer charging now in the bathroom to clean myself up. It's been a few weeks."

"Dude, show me what you do," he repeated his request.

"Are you serious right now? Give me a few minutes— I have to jerk off first. It's been a day or two and I'd probably get hard being naked in front of you," I hesitated.

"Yeah, same here," Jordan admitted. "So what? Fuck it. Let's go."

I gave him an 'is this really happening look,' but he stood up and looked at me expectantly. We went down the hall to my tiny apartment bathroom. Two people barely fit. My mind was racing. Was this a joke? Surely he'd stop me before I got below my waist.

"First of all," I explained, "I usually do this in the tub so the hair stays contained. But it's hard to see in the mirror, so let's stand in front of the sink. I'll just sweep up later."

I pulled off my shirt and Jordan followed my lead. Although he's dark haired and I'm blonde haired and blue eyed with lighter body hair, we were both super pale with a lot of freckles. I started with my armpit hair, explaining that less hair equals less smell, and trimmed it quickly with a few passes of my clippers. Then on to my chest hair, noting that he could skip that step since he didn't have any.

"I'd normally be naked for all of this so that hair isn't getting on my clothes," I explained, dusting clippings off my boxers.

"Matt, I ask you to show me what you do," Jordan insisted. He started unbuttoning his pants and pulled them off, standing in an overstretched, elastic long worn out pair of Hanes boxer briefs that only a straight guy could own. He reached in them, shaking his package, vain enough to want some blood in it before showing me, and then shucked his undies too, all the while making deliberate eye contact. I didn't hide my blatant stare hot cams

His dick was average in size, still soft, skinny, cut like me. It was pale like the rest of his skin with a fully exposed pink head. His nuts were super beautiful and somewhat large; they made his dick look a little smaller because of their size and hang. Now to the matter at hand: his pubes reminded me of a dartboard, radiating out from his crotch in a circle without caring about the boundary between his torso and legs. "Well, that's definitely bushy," I agreed.

"Whatever bud, we're about to fix my jungle," Jordan said laughing. He nodded toward my boxers. "Now stop stalling; you too."

My heart was racing, and I was trembling a bit. Jordan wasn't backing down or joking. I pulled my boxers down and kicked them outside the bathroom. He made no pretense either and openly checked me out. "There's your dick, dude," he said, eyes wide, voice excited.

"It's not all that," I said, swatting him playfully, thankful I was so overwhelmed that I wasn't getting hard. It was exhilarating to be naked with my best friend but I was really nervous about boning up in front of him and him having no reciprocal reaction. That would've brought my sexuality and the sexual tension between us too much to the fore. This just seemed like two bros just hanging out. So far.

We chatted about various lengths of guards, whether to trim or shave the balls, about getting rid of the patch of hair everybody has on their back above their butt crack. I started to trim my stomach hair, around my belly button. I felt my dick swinging gently while I worked and something in my brain flipped. I could feel blood start flowing and my cock tingling. Although I tried to take my mind off it, my mental gymnastics made things worse; I knew I was getting engorged beyond anything that would pass off as normal fluctuation. As I glanced in the mirror, my dick was looking full in length and girth, but thankfully not lifting off my balls yet. The head was beginning to look angrily reddish purple and swollen. As I continued trimming, pushing my dick to the side, precum oozed at the tip in a large bead that I knew Jordan could see. My face flushed, embarrassed at my body's reaction. What was Jordan thinking of all this?

"So one of the big mistakes is to only trim directly above your dick," I said, my mouth dry. I cleared my throat, continuing my lesson. "But as you can see, there's a lot of hair on my thighs where they meet my groin, same as with you. You have to trim that as well." While he looked down, considering his hair growth pattern, I put one leg up on the toilet lid, bending my knee. "I find an angle like this makes it easier to get in there." Thankfully, I could mash my dick out of the way now, partially concealing it from Jordan's view.

Obviously when manscaping, you have to watch carefully, but I did steal glances at Jordan's package. He would occasionally give himself a shake or tug as guys tend to do. I always suspected erections were contagious, but maybe only because I was gay. Now that I was hard though, Jordan's dick began swelling, throbbing hypnotically upward off his balls in rhythm with his pulse and growing rapidly.

"I'm excited for my turn," Jordan said, noticing my line of sight, then looking down at himself, and running his hands over his stomach. He flexed his dick, making it inflate dramatically, then gave himself another tug, but this time didn't release the head of his dick. "I just got reeeeally turned on," he admitted loudly. He let go of his cock, revealing it to be rock hard, veins bulging, head plump. His nuts had also tightened up into a small purse. His dick was pointing up and to the left, still throbbing, but now maxed out in hardness and angle. "Like what you see?" he grinned, posing like a super hero with his fists on his hips.

"Obviously," I replied. "Manscaping is super arousing for me; I almost always jerk off before or afterward," I admitted, eyes still locked on his dick. "Or both."

"Yeah, preeeetty sure that's what we're doing next. Looks like tonight's finally the night, Matt!" Jordan proclaimed, patting my back. "You know you want it."

I'm certain I made a face similar to the infamous "blinking white guy meme," though this encounter was a few years before that existed. My best friend and I were both crammed side by side in my tiny bathroom, each of us rock hard, precum flowing freely from me and starting to glisten at his tip, and he'd just said he wanted to jerk off together. I started trembling. I couldn't believe it.

Jordan noticed my shaking and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me in for a side hug. "Dude, you ok?" he asked, "did I say something wrong?" His dick was mashed into my right butt cheek and it felt like fire against my skin. The feeling of us touching each other for the first time, naked skin to skin would prove unforgettable  1080p  vr porn

"I mean, I've always wanted this, but it's a little overwhelming," I replied. "Exciting, too. Many emotions. You know me. You understand."

Jordan squeezed me a bit tighter, then ran his hands over my chest and stomach in a friendly but super sensual move. "Imagine how I feel. You're the gay guy. I've only been with women, and not even that many. I'm just trying to go with it. Can we just both dive in?" he proposed, "Who knows if this'll ever come up again?" When he said 'come up' he flexed his dick against my leg.

One of Jordan's hands wandered down into my pubes. He rubbed his fingers through playfully feeling where I'd trimmed vs not. "Big difference," he said. "The sensation probably feels very different for you too." My dick could not have been more hard. He got so close to it, but just grazed the base, not yet willing to go there.

"Yeah, I actually try to do this the day ahead of a date because the hair can be prickly immediately after," I advised. "Let me finish up so you can go."

He let go of me and I quickly finished my trimming. All the while he would occasionally tug his dick or sack. We traded places and I gave tips as he manscaped for the first time. I constantly wiped precum off my dick as each drip emerged, but he simply let his dangle down in long strands while he worked. At one point when pushing his dick to the side, he flicked a strand of precum on my foot.

"Whoops, friendly fire," he laughed. "There's gonna be a lot more of that in a few minutes. Just getting you ready!"

By the time he was finished manscaping I was finally feeling more comfortable. Both of us hovered around fully engorged but not throbbing for the rest of the time in the bathroom. He put down the trimmer and checked himself out in the mirror.

"Dude, look at us," Jordan said putting his arm over my shoulder and pointing toward our reflections. "We're hot! Manscaping makes things look bigger." He shook his hips, and me along with him, making our cocks wag.

"Matt," Jordan began in a more serious tone, "hey, um, I don't really know the right way to say this maybe, but I think your dick is really hot, like, uh, very aesthetic. I'm... wanting... to... touch it."

"Thanks," I said, embarrassed, flattered, and flipping out. I put an arm around his ribs. "Yours is hot too. A lot of that is who it's attached to. Since we have such a deep connection as friends, those feelings are having physical manifestation right now. Obviously I'm totally turned on by you. So, yeah, feel free to touch..." I trailed off.

"Dude... likewise," Jordan replied.

I slid my hand down from his ribs toward his stomach and into his freshly trimmed pubes. "Here's what it feels like trimmed," I said, crackling my fingernails through his hair. He inhaled deeply. My hand brushed the base of his dick and the sides of his nuts several times. His cock flexed with pleasure, oozing precum, ready to burst.

"Matt, I neeeeed to jerk off," Jordan whined. "We've both been dripping hard for half an hour. I already feel like I'm about to blow. Should we crank it out in your sink right here, or..." he faded.

"How about the couch?" I proposed. "It's our usual spot and seems right. Would that feel ok?"

He turned and led me out of the bathroom toward the living room. I quickly closed the blinds, which looked into the parking lot, covering myself meanwhile. Jordan stood in the middle of the room not taking a seat, so I turned back to him.

"Would it be ok if I stroked you a bit?" Jordan asked quietly.

"Of course," I murmured.

He grabbed me and we stepped together, dick to dick. He began comparing us side by side, gently sliding the skin on my shaft and circling my head with a finger. He rolled my nuts in his hand, running his fingernails against my ball sack. It struck me that he'd never touched another guy before and was enjoying the exploration.

"Wow, your balls are so smooth! It's crazy to touch another cock. It's the same but different, you know?" Jordan asked. "Well," he laughed, " you're kind of a slut so I know you know!"

"Thanks," I said rolling my eyes. "Hey, I've got an idea. Sit down while I get some lube."

I jogged into my bedroom, dick flopping, and pulled the Swiss Navy from my nightstand. When I returned, Jordan looked uneasy, sitting awkwardly, so I cleared the air. "All I think we should do is jerk off together, so don't worry that this is about to escalate. We don't 'need' lube, but the other day you said it's new to you, right?"

"Cool, I appreciate that," he said. His posture relaxed immediately and he sank back into the couch, dick sticking up in the air.

"Should we put on some porn?" I asked.

"I'm not gonna need it," Jordan replied. "I kind of want to stay focused on each other." That was a huge turn on; his words sent electricity through my body.

"Do you want to take care of yourself or should we give each other a hand?" I hoped for the latter.

"I'd be cool with that," Jordan replied.

I sat beside him on the couch and we turned to face each other. We divided the pillows, putting them behind us and scooted together, balls touching, sitting up, with legs spread and intertwining. I reached over and rubbed his stomach, pubes, and thighs, purposely avoiding his dick.

"You have such an incredible body, Jordan," I said. "I've wanted this for so long."

"Thanks, man, likewise. I think I've been scared to be honest... to let myself go there with a man. With... you." He started mirroring me, touching me, lightly rubbing wherever his hands could reach, but avoiding my dick and balls. I began to massage lightly right around his nut sack, in the crevice of his legs. He looked at his dick, leaking precum down itself. "I'm feeling insane right now," Jordan said. "You know I'm not a virgin, but nobody's ever touched me this way."

I smirked, satisfied. "Men know what feels good to men. After all this build up, I could get off quickly," I admitted. "I'm trying to take my time because I don't want you to think I'm a minute man."

"Dude, I haven't been this turned on in forever. So neither of us is going to judge the other on stamina right now, okay? Besides, as crazy as this night has been, it's been a year in the making. I'd say we have great stamina!" Jordan laughed and pinched my nipples playfully. I did the same to him before reaching down to pick up the lube.

"Hold out your hand," I instructed him, pumping a few squirts into it and then mine. I reached over and began to slather the lube on his dick, smearing it down to his balls. He continued to mirror me. I was in ecstasy, memorizing the feeling of my best friend's cock in my hand, and savoring him touching me.

While I continued stroking him with one hand, I began tugging lightly and rubbing his balls with the other. "Let's stroke synchronously," I said. "Remember that cum control video we saw the other day? It'll be a contest to see who can last longer," I began to count slowly... "one, two, three, four..." with each twisting, long stroke, my eyes locked with his. At eleven, he sucked in sharply and grabbed my hand.

"Dude," Jordan warned, "hold up. This is about to be embarrassing. Wait. Stop." We both sat back. He continued, "I mean there's quick and then there's unacceptable. Eleven strokes? Even Cinderella gets to the stroke of midnight."

"Some day, my prince will come..." I started singing the Disney tune. We both laughed. Meanwhile I started brushing him lightly again with my fingertips. Here was my beautiful, straight, never been with a guy before, best friend who I'd flirted with for over a year, sitting naked, cock to cock with me on the brink of orgasm by my hand.

"One of my biggest turnons," I explained, "is when the other person is getting off." His earlier admission had pushed me really close. "I'm gonna cum, are you ok with that or should I take over for the fireworks?" I asked.

"No, I wanna feel you blow," Jordan replied, resuming stroking. "Damn," he continued excitedly, "you've been hard but now you're soooo hard. Your dick feels like a fucking nightstick in my hand." I leaned back ever so slightly to make sure my load would end up on myself and not him.

This was a real life fantasy. As he stroked me, I watched him go between looking me in the eye to watching my dick explode as he gave another male an orgasm for the first time. Although I don't usually shoot much, one strand launched on my stomach from all the build up of the evening. The rest of my load oozed out and down his hand.

As soon as my orgasm subsided, I sat up and grabbed his dick and balls becoming very dominant. (It's what a lot of straight guys crave, right?) I tapped the precum on his dick and pulled a string far off it, almost to eye level, smirking before licking my finger as he watched, eyes widening. I pinched his nipples before rubbing all over his dick and balls with both hands, making him gasp at my sudden change in demeanor, taking complete charge. I slowly, barely stroked him with one hand, and cradled and pulled on his tightening balls with the other. I knew he had zero stamina at this point, but I also knew I could draw out his ecstasy, at least briefly.

"Oh my god! You're just teasing me. Please, I need this..." he squirmed, exasperated, his face squinting up, head tilting back, abs flexing, thrusting gently out of desperation. "I'm so fucking close. Keep stroking. Make me cum... Matt... oh fuck..." He thrusted up, his mouth opened, and made a strained whine as a volcano of cum erupted. Although my husband now has a pornstar cumshot, at this point in my life, I had never seen someone cum so much. Jordan's initial shot went up in the air and back on himself, then a few ropes dripped down my hand, before a second round of spraying uncontrollably on both of us and the couch before more oozed out that only ran down my fingers and in his trimmed pubes and balls.

"Oh, it's so much. That's never happened. Sorry! Gross." Jordan apologized, giddy in the midst of his orgasm, chuckling as he continued to spew, trying to catch his breath.

"It's hot," I corrected. Once he was done, I brought my hand to my mouth, smeared his cum on my tongue, locked in eye contact with him. "Fruity," I teased.

He brought his fingers to his mouth, where he still had a bit of my cum collected, licking the smallest bit. "I've tasted my cum before and yours is very different," Jordan admitted. I hopped up and jogged to the bathroom to get a towel, which I let Jordan use first. "That's easily a top three orgasm so far in my life," he continued. "Plus it was awesome to see your O-face, Matt. That's a pretty intimate thing you don't share with many people."

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