Cat karma is a cat purring in my lap cause it’s loves me vintage shirt

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If you’re a fan of neutrals, you probably already know the Cat karma is a cat purring in my lap cause it’s loves me vintage shirt so you should to go to store and get this power of head-to-toe black. Reach for quiet luxury accessories from brands like The Row to instantly add interest to the timeless look. Make your way to the shores with your swimsuit on and your tote bag in hand. If the wind’s breeze feels too cool, be sure to have a hoodie on hand. Take the guesswork out of getting ready for a night out with a coordinated set. Don’t be afraid to have fun by adding an unexpected bag for a pop of color. Test out the undeniable elegance of an all-white outfit this weekend. The pristine pieces will especially stand out at a casual daytime gathering. Here’s the dress to have on hand for all of those spring and summer gatherings. Whether it’s a wedding or a celebratory brunch, this one can easily be dressed up or down depending on the shoes and accessories you top it off with. “In France, pharmacies really run the skin-care industry; When you have any questions about products, you always go to the pharmacy to find the best,” says Natacha Bonjout, a French pharmacist who’s been living and working in New York for over a decade. After 15 years researching skin, Bonjout’s eponymous beauty brand Bonjout launches today with a single do-it-all hero called Le Balm Skin Savior Solid Sérum. To create a mix of actives friendly for all skin types, from sensitive to acne-prone, Bonjout created a non-comedogenic formula that contains native plant stem cells sourced from the South of France and more than 60 actives designed to help skin repair and regenerate itself. She emphasizes that this unique formulation method using whole plant cells creates true biocompatibility with skin for an instant glow that gets even better over time. Needless to say, it’s in line with French culture’s skin-first approach, which often skews 90% skin care and 10% makeup. “The cosmetic is your best friend, but it will never replace the inner power of your skin,” she says. Another pillar? There’s beauty in simplicity. Her personal beauty ethos is always “consume less, but consume better.” From gentle cleansing to natural remedies, below Bonjout shares her six secrets for your best complexion.

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