Emilia Clarke love of my life vintage signature shirt

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This past weekend, I was walking down Prince Street in SoHo when I found myself surrounded by versions of the Emilia Clarke love of my life vintage signature shirt in addition I really love this same look: ponytails and baseball hats, colorful Alo Yoga racerback crop tops worn with matching leggings and biker shorts, and 5” inseam gym shorts worn with Arc’teryx tank tops or tees. Ask any New Yorker: Athleisure has taken over everyday style. Then yesterday, I opened my Vogue Runway app to find a new Gucci collection (resort 2024, shown in Seoul) and found biker shorts paired with tweed jackets and track zip-ups styled over evening gowns. To me, they could have been channeling the Lululemon-clad folks I was about to see on my work commute. Then I started thinking about athleisure on other runways: Marine Serre’s armaggeddon-ready utility-wear, Mrs. Prada’s fall 2023 Miu Miu show, Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe long-johns. Then, during my lunch break, I opened my Twitter app to find a Tweet by fashion journalist Lauren Sherman pointing out that Hermès had quietly launched a line of yoga-wear. What had seemed like a fitness-obsessed American phenomenon had spread across the pond. The athleisure-ification of high-fashion is upon us.Gucci, resort 2024.

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