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The result brings us back to what we know: When it comes to beauty, less-is-more isn’t a clichéd adage but a strong choice. “It’s not about a red lip or a black eye or highlighting or contouring,” says Philips. “It’s about embracing or enhancing their natural beauty.” Grace Jones, who turns 75 today, has always possessed an inimitable aesthetic vision. Meticulously crafted and ever-evolving in collaboration with French creator and ex-paramour Jean-Paul Goude, the Kohl’s carter’s pride happy pride 2023 shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this singer’s Afrofuturist image is as integral to her character as her sultry contralto and subversive stage presence. And while her Cubist fashion, from her razor-sharp-shouldered suits to her architectural dresses worn with directional headpieces by Philip Treacy, has always been a vital part of the visual equation, her signature, shape-shifting close crop and fantastical makeup have made her a beauty icon for the ages.

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