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nbnpremium 05.10.2023
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We built our agriculture around expected climates AND soil conditions. Change the Strawberry pop rocky shirt and by the same token and climate, and the crops don’t grow so well. Move them to somewhere else that newly has a favorable climate, and the soil conditions will be awful and they still won’t grow well. It means having to move a lot of infrastructure, and then having to re-do a ton of work to figure out how to efficiently do everything again. I’m leaving out anything about natural disasters, because that’s either fishing for MOAR UPVOTES from one crowd or just asking for “Yeah, right, prove it” from a different crowd, and quite frankly I don’t like either crowd very much. I’ll leave it at this statement: Change the climate, and the probabilities of various undesirable events will change. Some will become more likely, others less likely. I’m not too keen on finding out experimentally how the balance shifts.

Sea level rise is also an interesting beast. Old geological records indicate that sea level is pretty close to the Strawberry pop rocky shirt and by the same token and earth-age low, so having built anything near the coast without accommodating for sea level rise was pretty stupid on our part, but then again we started doing so before we knew anything about where sea level used to be. At the present time it is, by a long way. Global warming could wipe out 90% of life and almost all of human society. We’d need a pretty massive nuclear war to match that, and no-one is mad or stupid enough (hopefully) to start one.


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