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These things are part of AGI theory, but this is not related to computational theory. In other words, you can’t build an AGI system with a computer. If AGI theory is ever completed then it would be possible to check for disinformation. Trolls thrive on isolation. Most disinformation is propagated by a small number of people multiplying their online presences such that they look like communities. A sociopath with a bunch of bots can be a thousand ‘people’ on Facebook or even Quora. It is effectively impossible to ‘combat’ such virtual armies. They’re like the Moe band may 26+27+28 2023 chillicothe il shirt and I love this undead, or Medusa. This is why many moderation services have simply given up – the only way to prevent social contagion is to lock down social media. Truth prevails, because reality eventually cannot be denied. However, ironically, if people are sufficiently divorced from that reality by geography or lifestyle, then it is possible to have a society like the Sentinelese.

The common factors amongst conspiracy theorists are a sense of persecution and a lack of personal experience. No firefighters deny planes hit the Moe band may 26+27+28 2023 chillicothe il shirt and I love this Twin Towers on 911. Similarly, there are no CoViD denialists in ICUs. I know, because my friends work there. It’s said there are no atheists in foxholes. Whilst that is a mere platitude, there is truth to the sentiment. No-one suctioning airways thinks CoViD is ‘just the flu’. No-one looking at the unmeasurable d-dimers of ICU patients worries about the ‘AstraZeneca clot risk’ in comparison. However, people stuck at home, frustrated and friendless, are lashing out in imaginative ways. That’s understandable in a sense, but inexcusable in another.


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