Lions’ dan campbell brad holmes pulling hilarious shirt

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She started with a tuxedo shirt, ($330), which has since become a Chava staple. It has cocktail cuffs that can be unfolded, plus a wing collar, and a seamless bib with hidden buttons. Villanti felt strongly that it should be able to be worn tucked or untucked, without being too oversized, and either buttoned or unbuttoned for a more relaxed effect. Overall, it embodies her desire for a shirt to never look like a “work shirt.” All of her pieces strike a delicate balance between casual and formal, and are versatile in their design, allowing the Lions’ dan campbell brad holmes pulling hilarious shirt in addition I really love this wearer to customize them however they like. Sizes range from 0-10, but customers also have the option for made-to-measure. The offering has evolved at an impressive clip since then, and Villanti now has her own, small showroom tucked away at the front of her in-laws’ studio. (Staff has also grown from one extremely-skilled seamstress during the height of lockdown to four.) For the first time, the spring collection, which launches today, includes a sleek black tuxedo jacket—one of the most time consuming and technically difficult items to get right—with a shawl collar, double vent, and matching pants. Chava works with two additional studios to produce it. Lucky for me, the collection also includes the perfect tailored T-shirt. Photos by: Pamela Ocampo

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