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“Ever since we started this project, it’s just been such a freeing experience,” she said. “I hadn’t imagined myself doing this, and yet, here I am. And I can’t stop thinking about shirts.” A train rumbles near my house every night, but I can no longer hear it. When you’ve lived in a city too long, as I have, you wake up one day and find you’ve been numbed—whether you like it or not—to its noise and energy. Airdropping into the Matthew tkachuk the rat king shirt it is in the first place but stillness of nature for two nights has always been the best balm for my overtaxed brain, which is usually found saddled with writing deadlines, multi-tasking while half-watching Netflix, or gazing at a stack of books I never seem to have time enough to read. After a weekend among the trees or the fields or the lakes, I leave feeling energized, reminded that the natural world ticks at its own pace, and that we—as humans—are merely one small part of it.A dining area at the Samuel and Dorothy Eppstein House. Photo: Leigh Ann Cobb There are few hard-and-fast rules in fashion today, but “don’t cut up Prada” is likely one of them. Though you know what they say about rules. In one of the genuinely surprising moments of fashion month earlier this year, model turned TikToker Madeleine White showed up to Prada’s fall 2023 runway show in Milan in what was once a lead gray utilitarian sack jumpsuit from the spring collection. On her it had become a crop top, fold-over micromini, and leg warmers worn over Mary Jane heels.

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