My block my hood my city 2023 shirt

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Off TikTok, White is as perky as she comes across in her videos to her 4 million followers, speaking in an 80-20 English-American accent that befits a Brit living in Los Angeles. She’s back in California after fashion month—she traveled to Paris and Milan—and, unbeknownst to her, is about to go on vacation. (“I booked a last-minute trip to Mexico tomorrow, just tried on all my summer clothes, and nothing fits me anymore,” she relays on TikTok a few days later). A bursting closet and racks of overflowing clothes surround her, a tall brunette with a tiny braid running down her center part, mint green nails, and a sherbet orange fuzzy sweater. Of the My block my hood my city 2023 shirt Besides,I will do this Prada affair, she explains that she was loaned a bag and accessories for the show but was responsible for finding her own outfit. It was her first time at the show and “literally one of the biggest moments of my career so far,” she says. “I just wanted to put a little twist on it, a little twist to make it my own.”

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