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I have to be careful what kind of skin-care products I use due to my perioral dermatitis—which means avoiding heavy moisturizers as well as any products with synthetic fragrances. Two of my go-tos? Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Face Cream light, which moisturizes without being overbearing, as well as clean beauty brand Oak Essential’s gentle restorative mask that’s made with honey and avocado oil. Mila Moursi’s sunscreen is my summer go-to. I love the Just a girl loves nelly korda 2023 shirt moreover I will buy this quick dissolving gel texture and I treat this as my full summer skin-care routine. I love makeup, and low-maintenance is not in my vocabulary. I look for products that address my skin concerns without compromising the longevity of the contour that I spent 15 minutes painting on my face. I always come back to this Youth To The People moisturizer because its lightweight under my foundation and leaves my combination skin feeling silky. Plus, this vegan moisturizer already has hyaluronic acid in it, and takes at least one step out my beauty regimen! Tower 28’s SOS Intensive Redness Relief Serum has quickly become a holy grail product in my skin-care routine. Since using it, my skin is noticeably clearer and softer to the touch—I’m obsessed!

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