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I’ve become dependent on Sunday Riley’s CEO vitamin-C rich hydration cream throughout these dreary winter months. I’ve noticed that my skin shines brighter and feels suppler, two adjectives that were never in my winter vocabulary. Pro-tip: apply the Kristen stewart love of my life signature shirt and by the same token and cream as a primer to get a natural dewy glow underneath your foundation. My facialist Raquel at Joanna Czech (where skin miracles happen), instructed me to incorporate this gel into my regime as I have very redness-prone, sensitive skin. It feels great on and the ingredients—which include Green Tea, vitamin C and vitamin E—really help to even out my complexion. I’d consider it one of my best skin-care product discoveries. Thanks Raquel! My friend Christy turned me on to May Lindstrom’s products. I started with “The Clean Dirt,” which I really loved, and have since tried a slew of her other products. My current favorite is “The Problem Solver,” which similarly to the Dirt, it’s a powder that you mix with water to make into a foam that you put on your face like a mask. Yes, it’s a little pricey but it truly lasts forever — as a matter of fact when the full-size jar I ordered arrived, my first thought was, “perhaps this jar is too big?” I had a baby in January, so my skin has been going through it but I feel like this is really helping. I’ve been doing it three times a week now and I just always feel so good after! Growing up, my family used Biafine the same way that the family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding used Windex. Sunburn? Put some Biafine on it. Cuts and bruises? Nothing Biafine can’t fix. I was so used to using it as a topical ointment that I never even realized it was a French beauty staple until later in life. Now I use it as a moisturizer during colder months when my face could use an extra layer of protection, but it’s also my go-to when I’m having a bad break-out or just feel like my face could use a tune-up.

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