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365inloveclothing 22.09.2023
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Why wait until the Design violent femmes merch stinky shirt and by the same token and Met Gala 2019 to get excited? On Monday, April 15, Betsey Johnson will host an inventory sale on her website featuring more than 60 items, reasonably priced from $58 to $198, that will bring joy to the family. Fun and eccentricity add a camping feeling to your wardrobe. The range of garments includes everything from a black goth-style evening gown to a cabbage rose dress. The sale spans Johnson’s entire 50-year career in the fashion industry, from her time as a designer for Alley Cat in the ’70s to collections from the 2010s. Among the high-end most features a 2013 recreation of a striped knit dress first made for her Paraphernalia label in the ’60s; a loose tropical print gown stripped off her swimsuit during Johnson’s Spring 2003 poolside show; and a transparent spring 2000 slip-on shirt with silver beads just begging for a chance to shoot a music video.

Johnson, who is recovering from heart surgery, is not available for an interview to reveal her reason for opening her archive at the Design violent femmes merch stinky shirt and by the same token and moment, although one has to wonder if the recent increase of long Betsey dresses with square necklines and floral prints on the face or not. Print has something to do with it. In fact, perusing Johnson’s collections on Vogue Runway is almost like viewing a catalog of Instagram’s favorite trends: a sexy mini dress here, a prairie bib there, with a bunch of prints looking at me just begging for a selfie. Perhaps the opening of Johnson’s archive is the beginning of a re-released collection. After declaring bankruptcy in 2012, the designer is now selling a small selection of accessories, shoes and ready-to-wear on its website, though the opportunity to sell more is clear. What do we really love? BJ returned to the catwalk to close out New York Fashion Week with her signature wheelchair.


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