Vicetshirt - Vintage You’re A Sunflower Fan Shirt

vicetshirtclothing 23.09.2023
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#Vicetshirt Fashion LLC On a recent chilly stroll through SoHo, I found this turtleneck in the Vintage You’re A Sunflower Fan Shirt it is in the first place but newly opened Ami Paris store. I couldn’t resist its coziness. The exaggerated width of the horizontal stripes renders the sweater more playful than the svelte versions Hedi Slimane paraded down his Saint Laurent runway 2015-and their countless imitators. Surprise, surprise, it’s a new year, and I bought myself a workout set. I love how soft Splits59 new air weight bras and leggings are while still having slight compression. I opted for their capri silhouette because the capri is having a comeback—I’ll actually wear this length out in the summer with a pair of heels!

#Vicetshirt Fashion LLC To counteract the Vintage You’re A Sunflower Fan Shirt it is in the first place but east coast’s winter cold spell—which has certainly not been kind to my historically dry skin—I purchased the Furtuna Skin Replenishing Balm on a whim. It’s incredibly clean formula not only hydrates my driest of areas but soothes my fatigued skin as well. Needless to say, this product has been my holy grail this season. When the temperatures drop below freezing, it’s hard to stray from my go-to puffer and trusty black turtleneck sweater to keep warm. But I found that switching up my base layer to a bright ribbed knit made braving the cold a bit more bearable and—dare I say—fun. Luckily, my Leo vegan leather tote can fit all of my other winter accessories like instant hand warmers, cozy mittens, touch-friendly gloves, wool beanie, and chapstick with ample room for my laptop and charger.


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