Vicetshirt - Ted Cruz’s Coc* holster Shirt

vicetshirtclothing 24.09.2023
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#Vicetshirt Fashion LLC A year ago, I lost my grandma Agnes Valenti. As part of the Ted Cruz’s Cock Holster Shirt Besides,I will do this healing process, and to pay tribute to the immeasurable impact she’s had me, I wanted to use some money she left me towards a piece of jewelry. I immediately thought of Hudson-based sustainable jewelry designer Gabrielle Valenti, who serendipitously shares our last name (fate!) and makes the most mesmerizing, sculptural gold pieces. Just in time for spring, and my grandma’s birthday at the end of April, Gabrielle crafted a custom 14-karat gold flower ring punctuated by a moonstone, associated with inner growth and strength, and a heart-shaped peridot, which is the stone of compassion. It’s so uniquely beautiful and reflective of my Grandma Aggie’s legacy. I love looking at it throughout the day as a reminder she’s always with me.

#Vicetshirt Fashion LLC Early in March, I found a juniper dinner jacket—a Balmain runway sample from several seasons ago—at my favorite vintage store in Paris, Plus Que Parfait. I’ve never particularly gravitated to Balmain but the Ted Cruz’s Cock Holster Shirt Besides,I will do this simple, structured piece is as versatile as it is handsome. Over the past few weeks, I’ve worn it with a turtleneck, a tie, a T-shirt, and even nothing underneath. A current version is available to transition you from both winter to spring and day to night.


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