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As for more recent Met Gala hits, Delevingne commanded attention in 2019 while celebrating the Ohio Bobcats NCAA Baseball Wesley Lug shirt and I love this theme of camp, wearing a rainbow Dior jumpsuit complete with a dramatic Machine Dazzle headpiece (it was adorned with bananas, fried eggs, teeth, and eyeballs—total camp!). In 2022, her “Peg the Patriarchy Dior look also became one of the night’s most discussed choices, and one of her most famous Met looks. It’s about women empowerment, gender equality—it’s a bit ‘stick it to the man,’ the model told Vogue of the look. Last year, meanwhile, she also chose a red Dior suit—but it was when she removed the blazer on the carpet, and revealed her bare form covered in gold body paint and pasties, that she truly stole the show. You can simply always count on Delevingne to turn heads—and only time will tell what she’ll wear to this year’s grand affair.

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