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In many ways, the Ohio Bobcats NCAA Baseball Nick Dolan shirt What’s more,I will buy this look is a sophisticated continuation and elevation of the cheerleading uniform Cain wore in the suburbia centric lo fi visual for “American Teenager. That look was deeply personal. Cain wore her mother’s old cheerleading uniform, which, the artist says, she unexpectedly discovered one day “while shuffling around through a closet. Found and sourced fashion is how Cain, whose real name is Hayden Anhedönia, usually assembles looks for her alter ego. In the leadup to the release of Preacher’s Daughter, Cain describes dedicating hours of time to sleuthing Etsy and Pinterest for white, early 20th century dresses—a key motif of Preacher’s Daughter, which is seeped in Americana Southern Gothic sensibilities. Cain loves fashion that evokes a sense of history or past lives lived. So much so, the artist admits to occasionally taking a brand new handbag or pair of shoes outside and “beating them around a bit so that they appear more lived in. She describes herself as “not totally into fashion, but her admiration for design and fashion history is sharp—she speaks effusively about past Yohji Yamamoto shows, mentioning specific looks from specific collections. Cain is also quickly finding her footing within fashion—she’s hit the runway for Miu Miu and Eckhaus Latta. For Cain, who explores loaded topics such as reinvention, family dynamics, and self creation through her narrative centric songwriting, fashion is a key way of building out her stories.

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