Hottrendclothing - Welcome Skate Yardsale Blade Shirt

hottrend_clothing 23.09.2023
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#Hottrendclothing Fashion LLC I was so excited when I found out about the Welcome Skate Yardsale Blade Shirt also I will do this Cross Colours pop-in shop at Nordstrom. So I grabbed these cute HBCU shorts to wear with a cut-out swimsuit to the beach in Miami. I also picked up a gorgeous pair of Céline sunglasses, which added the perfect finishing touches to my vacation outfit. When I first heard about Jil Sander’s collaboration with Birkenstock, I knew I had to buy them. Despite selling out upon their initial release, you can still score them via pre-order. As an avid wearer of the brand’s previous designer iteration with Proenza Schouler, I love that they add a sophisticated edge to traditional Birkenstocks that can be worn throughout the summertime and for all occasions. I love to wear them with midi dresses during the weekend and with matching top and skirt sets at the office.

#Hottrendclothing Fashion LLC From new takes on the Welcome Skate Yardsale Blade Shirt also I will do this traditional white sneaker to different style denim, I’m always looking for ways to elevate my wardrobe basics! Once I caught a glimpse of this classic summer tank with padding in the shoulders, I knew I found this year’s summer staple. Naturally, I purchased the tank in mole, white, and black, and have since mixed and matched each colorway into what seems like 50 different outfits. Who said basics could be boring. Like any self-respecting Rick Owens obsessive, I had to get his latest shoe, a version of the Converse All-Star with a Brutalist Owens twist. I still haven’t figured out how to style them, I’m thinking with pooling black trousers although Fecal Matter does make the case they look best with a leather bodysuit.


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