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YDS is an international trader of self-adhesive label products which include thermal transfer labels, direct thermal labels, ribbons, temperature-resistant labels, shipping tapes, any custom stickers, etc. We also offer a full line of barcode printers.

Our labels and ribbons are used in many applications across all industries. Some of the most common uses for our products include 4*6 direct thermal mailing labels, freezer stickerschalk stickers,and product packaging.

Looking for something else? We also specialize in custom preprinted labels, unique sizes, and labels with synthetic materials for demanding uses. If your company is using labels then consider us the single source for all your label needs.


Over the past 10 years, we have been adhering to the business philosophy of creating the greatest value for customers, and grow together with customers and suppliers, and common development!

We always believe that only by grasping the quality from the source can we provide the best service to our customers. High-quality factories will have a strong economic foundation to support, the introduction of advanced equipment domestically and overseas, choose high-quality label material and produce beautiful labels in line with customer requirements.

Our labels are divided into the following 5 types according to material:

Oil and Water-Resistant Labels

● Removable

● Weatherproof

● Paper Stocks

● Eco-friendly

Oil and Water-Resistant Labels

White BOPP Labels

White chrome bopp labelsmaterial is a plastic film material that has great clarity, is resistant to UV rays, has excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, and with its smooth surface — is definitely a show-stopper! Great for use on candles, jams or jellies, sauces, vitamins, bottle labeling, warning labels, and for labeling products in the health & beauty industry.

Clear BOPP Labels

Clear labels are popular for companies that want to display the contents that are inside of the container. Popular clear BOPP labels include window stickers and beverage labels. Silver (Chrome) & Gold BOPP — Provides a shiny (metallic) look to your labels.

Chrome (Silver) BOPP Label

This highly reflective material is great for use on candles, wines, bottles, vitamins, and other nutraceutical products. The silver BOPP material is a sure eye-catcher, as it appears to have almost a chrome finish.

Gold BOPP Labels

Gold BOPP labels are as rugged and product/moisture resistant as white and silver BOPP, chalk labels with a luxurious, reflective gold finish. Elevate your brand packaging with eye-catching shiny gold labels.



Removable White BOPP Labels

Great BOPP material with a removable adhesion, perfect for labels that need to be removed without the leftover adhesion on bottles, cans, or other precious substrates. The label is made of a plastic film, resistant to UV rays, water, and scratching, making it a great, durable weatherproof choice.

Window Decal (Clear/Ultra-Removable)


Squeezable Label Material

Squeezable label material can be the perfect bridge between your unique flexible product packaging and cost-effective packaging design.

White Flexible Vinyl Labels

White Vinyl is the toughest label material, freezer stickers, well-suited for your most rugged applications both indoors and out. It’s waterproof, thicker than all the other white materials, and a strong choice for industrial and commercial environments.

Paper Stocks

Cast Gloss Labels

Cast Gloss is perfect for high-quality printed labels using a range of printing techniques and is available with a variety of adhesives to suit your needs and the option of the heavier-weight liner.

Classic Crest Labels

The classic crest-felt white material feels as great as it looks. The textured face gives colors a saturated glow, designed specifically for bottle labeling, as it possesses profound wet strength characteristics, making your product stand out among the rest.

Satin Cloth Labels

Satin Clothing labels are made from a polyester-based material. Satin is a weaving technique that makes the fabric glossy/shiny with a smooth and sleek surface. It can be shiny on one side (single-face/standard satin) or both sides (double-face satin).


Biostone Labels

Biostone labels and chalk stickers make great additions to any product that takes a beating. Ink adheres easily to this natural material and when the person is finished using the product, the label is fully biodegradable and compostable.

Kraft (Recycled) Labels

This paper face looks like a brown grocery bag, so you get that natural and rustic vibe from it. It works really well for custom printing your designs for gourmet foods, soaps, coffee bags, and other products that may need a high-end or bespoke look.

Vellum (Recycled) Labels

This paper is recycled from 100% post-consumer waste with an elegant look, and its strong liner is suitable for machine application.

Contact us for the international trader of self-adhesive label products.

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