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YDS is an international trader of self-adhesive label products which include thermal transfer labels, direct thermal labels, ribbons, temperature-resistant labels, shipping tapes, any custom stickers, etc. We also offer a full line of barcode printers. Our labels and ribbons are used in many applications across all industries. Some of the most common uses for our products include 4*6 direct thermal mailing labels, thank you sticker roll, removable freezer labels, freezer stickers, chrome bopp labels, chalk stickers , chalk labels and product packaging.

Looking for something else? We also specialize in custom preprinted labels, unique sizes, and labels with synthetic materials for demanding uses.

If your company is using labels then consider us the single source for all your label needs.


Shenzhen YDS E-commerce Co., Ltd. has been in deep cultivation of the office supplies industry for more than ten years, with a number of manufacturers to establish long-term and stable cooperative relations, rapid resource scheduling, can meet the diverse requirements of customers, and timely response.

The professional design team and sales team, can communicate with our customers efficiently, cooperate with us, and get peace of mind and ease. If you need freezer stickerschalk labels, navy thank you cards, or chalk stickers then you need YDS.


The Shape and Texture of The Labeled Object

1, The shape of the labeled object is an important consideration, along with its material and flexibility;

2, Large radian surface needs to be matched with soft label surface material with strong adhesive glue;

3, If the surface of the labeled object has texture, usually choose soft surface material with high-viscosity adhesive glue.

The Material of The Labeled Object

1, When labeling the labeled object with low surface energy absorption (PE, PP), the initial stickiness of the label is very important, and the play of stickiness needs a relatively long period.

2, Does the labeled object contain large amounts of plasticizer inside or on its surface? The plasticizer will react with the hot melt glue and cause the glue to fail.

Requirements for Label Materials in The Environment

Label of film material:

1, suitable for the environment requiring contact with water and high humidity;

2, according to different materials, the film has different levels of tensile ability

Labels made of paper:

1, relatively poor moisture resistance, suitable for the relatively dry environment;

Poor tensile ability

The glazing process can improve the protection of ink, scratch, and moisture resistance to a certain extent;

The coating process can improve the protection against ink, scratch, and chemical corrosion.

Contact us for the international trader of self-adhesive label products.

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