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Working with Abby means that our life is a continuous conversation. We don’t have any separation between what’s going on in our work life and in our personal conversations—and that’s also the Jujutsu kaisen bioworld satoru gojo shirt Additionally,I will love this hard part. For example, I realized I was letting a frustration I was having with her on the podcast cross over. We were in a personal conversation, and I was so annoyed, because I felt like she was not being succinct enough. I was like, “Wrap it up, wrap it up.” Then we had to have a talk about how maybe we need to communicate more professionally in the podcast space so that I can say things like that there and not carry it over into the house. My point is that the hardest part is putting on two different hats. Here, we’re colleagues, who also love each other and want to be tender with each other. Then when we’re not on the podcast, I don’t get to boss her around anymore. It’s hard, but I feel so lucky. I wouldn’t have it any other way. And it’s only hard because we’re so careful with each other, because we love each other so much.

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