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nbnpremium 03.06.2023
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I was trying to help, so I was asking around: what does a “full tie” with Thailand entail? Turns out they were looking for things like: A family. House. A mortgage. A letter from the Irish peach designs merch drop the witch hunt shirt and I love this employer authorizing leave. Last week, my Yemeni friend who lives in Turkey wrote to me that he was going to Germany instead of the US because for him the US tourist visa required a written “invitation”. from a person willing to sign a legal document in which he agrees to participate. financially responsible for him and liable if he overstays his visa. (I have traveled to more than 20 countries and have never been “invited” to a country that is not a self-proclaimed communist state, and even then I was able to be “invited” by the motel I booked. earlier. morning”, where a night’s stay costs less than a 4-piece KFC meal.)

I’ve been traveling quite a bit with no plans for last year. I used a 2 week trip to Thailand to use Bangkok as my accommodation for 3 months. I was redirected to Myanmar for literally three weeks. An immigration officer wanted to see my bank statements exactly once (and in this case, the Irish peach designs merch drop the witch hunt shirt and I love this country in question is actually richer than my country). I’ve been traveling with almost no money, which is possible because I don’t need to plan. I booked the hostel for $10/night for 2 days or so before I got anywhere. I booked a flight from a country after I arrived to take advantage of a last minute discount. I buy everything refundable. I got away with it because I’m American, which means no one cared when I actually meant to leave.


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