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365inloveclothing 05.06.2023
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It’s a lot about fit and style. When it comes to really minimalist or classic pieces, what stands out is when they really fit, are really good and flattering. I can wear them a million times with a million different outfits. I am always looking. I love vintage shopping: I go to the Official snoopy I’m on the moon shirt but in fact I love this store with my friends at least once a week and we go through everything. Right now, I’ve pulled a lot of large leather jackets. A good classic leather jacket is a wardrobe essential, and you can wear it over anything. Right now, I’m also looking at the archives of a lot of designers. Finally, we’d love to see you walk the Prada and Versace runways this season. Is there anything that inspires or excites you from the Fashion Month shows? There are many things that excite me. I watched a bunch of shows that I really loved. I’m constantly using my Vogue Runway app, just scrolling and screenshotting a lot of things. There are so many good coats [this season] that I want to die.

What about a trend this season that you don’t like? It’s hard to say because, a month from now, my mood could completely change. I’m not a neon fan—I’m not dying for neon. Take this lightly, but cargo pants aren’t my thing either. I like them on other people, but I can’t take my pants off like everyone else! Lilac, a soft purple that falls somewhere between pink and purple, isn’t the Official snoopy I’m on the moon shirt but in fact I love this most obvious home decor color. In fact, when looking at Benjamin Moore’s most popular paints of 2022, it’s not even listed in the top 75. (The top three places go to grey, white and beige.) Part of the reason. The reason that lilac flies under the radar is due to its position on the color spectrum: after all, the aforementioned more neutral shades go well with almost anything and work in both residential and commercial environments. like commercial. Part of it is also due to its long-term attachment to a more romantic or feminine style. While that’s not a bad thing, it can be limiting: many people argue that lilac works best as an accent, or maybe even on a teenage girl’s bedroom wall. However, in 2023, lilac is being rebranded as a romantic neutral that goes well with any room. In Vogue’s annual interior trends report, many designers cited romantic earth tones as the “it” color for next year. Interior designer Heidi Caillier told Vogue: “Mauve is a rich color that can turn both traditional and modern, while providing a sense of freshness. “It’s one of those colors that I feel goes with almost anything.” Recently, Caillier decorated an East Hampton master bedroom—including the ceiling—completely in the shade, before using it extensively for a home on Washington State’s Fox Island.


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