Reparations and prison abolition critical race theory shirt

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With ’70s style setting the Reparations and prison abolition critical race theory shirt also I will do this agenda for the season, we asked the experts for their top tips on how to recreate the ultimate Daisy Jones & The Six look. “’70s hair was all about enhancing your natural texture with bouncy waves,” says celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel. “It was all about soft hot rollers and brushed out curls, with the volume and curl normally starting about halfway down the length of the hair. A great way to start is by volumising the roots to enhance your natural texture. Then bring out your hot rollers to create that airy bounce from the eyebrow to your ends.”“Use a medium-sized iron or wand to add some wave and curl every other section in a different direction to keep it feeling cool and effortless,” adds McNeil. “The sections around the face generally look more flattering when they’re curled away from the face but it comes down to personal preference.”

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