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#Teechallaclothing Blanchett’s bouncy bob was also worn in a side parting, but her buttery blonde curls felt more defined. And Aubrey Plaza—who recently made the Tough Ass Dudes shirt moreover I will buy this switch back to brunette, having tried a dramatic bleached blonde—sported a similar look. Viola Davis’s bouncy bob was shorter than her counterparts’ versions, drawing attention to her glossy décolletage, and was styled into tighter curls through mid-lengths and ends. And then, lest we forget, there was Simona Tabasco (you’ll know her as Lucia in The White Lotus), whose softer, looser curls created a slightly more relaxed—but no less beguiling—finish. Getty Images The conclusion? If you’re already in possession of a bob, it’s time to get reacquainted with some big barrel curling tongs and blow-drying techniques. And if you’re not, and considering it? Take the plunge, knowing it’s a classic style that suits all ages, face shapes and looks—as these celebrities prove. Ozempic is a hot topic right now. An injectable drug that was originally intended to treat Type 2 diabetes, it is—somewhat controversially—now being used as a weight loss aid. “Ozempic is a semaglutide, which is used to treat diabetes and has been very effective for weight loss,” explains New York-based facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Levine. “It works by causing the pancreas to secrete more insulin and decreases the amount of glucagon produced by the liver, which suppresses appetite and slows down gastric motility, so you feel full for longer. It’s very popular in Hollywood.”

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