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A year later, they tied the Texas A&M Football Amari Daniels Taurean York Academic Aggies shirt moreover I love this knot during a wild four-day wedding weekend in Alan’s hometown of Buenos Aires. On the first day, the couple hosted a welcome dinner at Palacio Paz, a Beaux-Arts mansion by famed French architect Louis-Marie Henri Soratais. The night began with cocktails in the courtyard before a traditional Argentine tango show in the great hall. Dinner was held in the Hall of Mirrors–inspired sala de musica, where a singer belted out “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” from the balcony. “The idea was to transport everyone back to when Buenos Aires was the Paris of Latin America and to experience the Old World feel the country preserves in its historical landmarks,” Grace says. On Friday night, the Faena family hosted a traditional shabbat dinner at Alan’s home. Alan’s mother, Elisa. She cooked traditional Syrian dishes like lachmagine, mechshe, and kibbeh for 120 people. “We come from very different backgrounds, cultures, and periods of time in life, but one of the things we share in common is the value of family in our lives,” Grace says. Afterwards, guests headed to a cabaret night at the Faena Hotel in Puerto Madero.

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