Texas A&M Football Academic Aggies shirt

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Courtesy of H&M.The collection, which launches in May following an event in New York City in April, is divided into different segments. First up is tailoring. “It’s an iconic category for Mugler, so it had to be there,” he said. This section also includes LBDs, dressy separates, and crystalized pieces. “Then there’s the Texas A&M Football Academic Aggies shirt and I will buy this Berlin, clubby, leathery fashion section,” including the nude-illusion jeans with spiral lycra inserts that have become a signature—and best seller—of Cadwallader’s at Mugler. And the catsuits? “Well… I actually didn’t have one in there at first, but it had to be there—H&M asked,” Cadwallader said with a grin. “We never sold it as a bodysuit, just a top, so it’s interesting that this is how we’re selling it for the first time.” There’s also menswear. “It will be merchandised all together in the store, which speaks to the way I think about gender,” Cadwallader said. A lapelless tailored jacket and a zip-up corsetted hoodie are standouts.After years of fast-retailers “interpreting” Cadwallader’s work at lower price points, this is his chance to speak directly to those customers. “We have a lot of young designers working at H&M, and it’s always interesting to ask them what they see as the hottest brands around, and almost all of them mentioned Mugler,” Ann-Sofie Johansson, creative advisor at H&M, said. The company had started conversations about a possible partnership with Mr. Mugler, together with Cadwallader and the house of Mugler, prior to the designer’s passing in 2022. “It felt new to be able to work with the house, its founder, but also the new creative force behind it that has made it modern and relevant once again,” she added.

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