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Recently, the Tony kemp oakland diving catch shirt in other words I will buy this red carpet has served as welcome proof that the notion that women should cut their hair short once they reach a “certain age” is not only wrong but… well, so ten years ago. But for anyone who simply prefers an easy-to-maintain short style or those in search of a cut that will reinvigorate their look, it pays to have some inspiration on hand to steer your hairdresser toward the look you want. One of the most popular short hairstyles is, of course, the bob, a style that works on all ages and hair textures. Beyond the bob, there are myriad other shorter looks to explore, including shags, pixie cuts, lobs, and bangs. Some of our favorite fifty-something celebrities have excellent hairstyles that are on the shorter side, from the luminous Angela Bassett—whose curly lob is timeless—to Michelle Pfeiffer’s slick and simple chop. Isabelle Huppert needs a mention for her new curly shag-meets-pixie cut, which has a rebellious spirit but is still super flattering—the kind of energy we all need when we’re trying a new chop. And has mussed-up silver hair ever looked cooler than it does on Debbie Harry?

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