Tennessee Volunteers Forever Not Just When We Win shirt

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#Teechallaclothing Getty Images“It’s been 100 years since the Tennessee Volunteers Forever Not Just When We Win shirt in addition I really love this first blunt bob cut was created by Monsieur Antoine, and Louise Brooks’s graphic cut is one of the most notable from that time—the style was once considered daring and dangerous!” says Alex Brownsell. A flapper girl and Jazz Age icon, Brooks’s hair was avant-garde for the time and continues to be a directional—though now much-imitated—cut. Queen of the undone beehive and in possession of enviable root volume, Brigitte Bardot’s heyday hair is still referenced regularly in 2023. “It’s so versatile. From all up to half-up and half-down, her beehive created a natural facelift while still keeping the hair looking soft, sexy, and sophisticated,” says Syd Hayes. For Northwood, the magic laid in Bardot’s “effortlessly chic” grown-out fringe.

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