Need for Antivirus program in Smartphones?

contactforinfo 18.04.2021
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Today, the Smartphone is not just a device but an essential daily life gadget. Back in days, mobile phones were only used for making calls and sending SMSs but with the internet, the phones get smarter. Now you can use your Smartphone for performing various jobs such as for using SNSs, making video calls, online shopping, paying bills, online banking, etc. Smartphone has become one of the most powerful devices today; therefore, any kind of mishap with your Smartphone can be very dangerous.

If we talk about Android devices, they have a good defense mechanism which means malware such as viruses can't infect your device. iOS devices are more powerful than Android device and can easily fight from viruses and other malware. But the threats are increasing day by day. Your Smartphones can deal with viruses, Trojans, etc but you will need a reliable antivirus for dealing with internet threats such as data theft and hacking.

McAfee Antivirus Activation Key not only protects you from viruses but also provide an extra layer of protection to your device. There are various mobile antivirus programs available in the market; you can buy antivirus which can suit to your Smartphone.

Here are some function parameters you should check before buying antivirus:


Not every antivirus runs on every device. Before buying, check which antivirus is compatible with your phone. With the increasing use of Smartphone, now most of the antivirus vendors are providing mobile supported antivirus. One other good option is you should go for a multi-device plan. With this plan, you can secure your PC, your laptop, your phone, and all other devices simultaneously with just one subscription. This plan is surely going to save you lots of money as well as you can easily monitor your all devices.

Anti-theft feature

As you know, Smartphones are prone to get lost or stolen. With the anti-theft feature, you can easily track down your mobile phone. If a person tries to open your device and fails more than thrice; the front camera of your mobile will click the picture and sends it into your email. You can also track your location if your GPS is on.

Password manager

People often lend their Smartphone for calling, playing games, or internet surfing. Well, you never lend your phone to any unreliable person. People who use internet banking on mobile should always keep their phone password protected. Always keep your every account such as social media account, bank account, media files, etc. But remember one thing; never use the same password for every account. Let's support you told your gallery password with your friend; if you have the same password for every account then your friend can easily access you SNS as well as your bank account. With a password manager, you can store your numerous passwords safely. A use password manager can provide good security to our data.


The network is one of the main issues while you are traveling. At that time, using public Wi-Fi becomes the only option for making calls or using the internet. Public Wi-Fi is usually unsecured which means there are good chances for getting hacked. With VPN, you can mask your location from the hacker and all your data will be sent by a secure channel in an encrypted form which means you are pretty safe on public Wi-Fi.

SO, install an antivirus in your Smartphone which can provide you better security. There are also various free mobile antivirus programs which provide basic security features. If you need advanced features then you can pick paid antivirus plans.

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