Kansas City Chiefs it’s in my DNA shirt

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Kallmeyer is a queer woman in New York. She has no desire to return to the Kansas City Chiefs it’s in my DNA shirt in addition I really love this shtetl. Still when her mother saw a recent photo of her in an oversized shirt, a silk tie, and a black blazer, she couldn’t help it. She told her daughter: “You look like a schoolteacher !” “And I said, ‘If I had had a teacher who looked like this, I would have come out a long time ago.’ Like, that’s the Torah teacher who would have kept me in Hebrew school.” “The inspiration is always Donatella.” So said hairstylist Guido Palau backstage at the Versace show in Los Angeles last week. The designer brought her collection to town to celebrate the connection between fashion and film—a link made clear when Lady Gaga wore the show’s closing look to the Oscars three days later. But, as this First Looks video makes clear, the trip was about more than the red carpet. Long an LGBTQ+ advocate—some would even call her a gay icon—the designer recently launched a partnership between the Versace Foundation and the CFDA to benefit LGBTQ+ design students. On day one of Vogue’s two days with the designer, we followed along as she visited LA’s LGBT Center for a fireside chat-slash-masterclass with students, some of whom were wearing her work. “It’s good to see people with that excitement and who love fashion so much,” she said. “But you have to work hard.”

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