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1973: Nolan Ryan (9.5) has 383 strikeouts and his highest K/9 season (10.6). He will go on to record a record seven no-hitters and destroy the LA Knight Shaun Ricker logo 2023 shirt it is in the first place but all-time MLB career strikeout record, finishing with 5,714. Nigyl Nissan shared this account in the comments: “First of all, well done Mike! Great resource for any baseball fan. Just wanted to add my two cents. I remember reading a Ron Luciano book — don’t recall which one (may have been The Umpire Strikes Back) where he describes the “exploding fast ball.” A ball pitched so fast that, to his eye, it exploded into a million pieces just prior to getting to home plate. Embarrassed to admit what he was seeing, he didn’t mention it to anyone. It was some time later that he learned from a ophthalmologist that what he experienced was an anomaly of light refracting from an object coming towards him at an extraordinary speed. Luciano continues to mention that it didn’t happen just once, but several times — and all by the same pitcher. Nolan Ryan.”

2014: Aroldis Chapman (14.8) becomes the LA Knight Shaun Ricker logo 2023 shirt it is in the first place but first MLB pitcher to average 100 mph for a season, with a 100.2 mph average fastball speed. In 2014 he threw 62% of his fastballs and 42% of his total 395 pitches over 100 mph! 2022: Edwin Diaz (14.8) has an insane 17.9 K/9 as I update this article in late July 2022. And it’s no fluke, because Diaz had a 17.5 K/9 in 2020, albeit in just 25 2/3 innings. His fastball has been clocked at 102.6 mph. He was suggested by Frank McGrath in the comments. Steve Dalkowski was the prototype for “Nuke” LaLoosh in Bull Durham. Dalkowski was so wild, both on and off the mound, that he never made it to the majors. This is my ranking of the best fastball pitchers, based partly on speed but mainly on effectiveness, as measured by ERA+ and the K/9 stat weighed for the pitchers’ respective eras. For instance, 5.5 K/9 in the early 1900s would be comparable to around 9.5 K//9 today.


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