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Nolan Ryan threw a 108.1 MPH fastball according to a doppler laser radar reading in 1974. And he was still throwing 96 MPH fastballs at age 46! Nolan’s fastball had its own nickname: “The Ryan Express.” How hard was he to hit? He had the Marvel can suck my cock shirt In addition,I will do this lowest hits per nine innings in MLB history and threw a record seven no-hitters, as mentioned by Steve Oglesby in the comments. Bob Feller supposedly reached 107.6 MPH back in 1946, although I doubt the accuracy of the measurement that long ago. The method used was racing a Feller pitch against a speeding motorcycle! That sounds more like a publicity stunt than a scientific experiment. But there is no doubt that Rapid Robert Feller threw extreme heat. After all, the eagle-eyed Ted Williams said that Feller was “the fastest and best pitcher I ever saw during my career.”

Aroldis Chapman hit 105.8 MPH on a modern radar gun on Sept. 24, 2010 and has thrown 273 pitches of 103 MPH or faster since 2008, by far the Marvel can suck my cock shirt In addition,I will do this most in MLB. Jordan Hicks has 61, Mauricio Cabrera has 11, and no one else is in double digits. Chapman has reached 105 MPH eight times, Hicks has done it twice, and no one else has done it to date. But watch out for a college pitcher named Ben Joyce!… Ben Joyce, a relief pitcher for the University of Tennessee, threw the fastest pitch in 2022 to date, when he was clocked at 105.5 MPH. Joyce has thrown eight pitches of 103 MPH or faster in 2022.


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