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There is one game that stands out in my memory above all, perhaps, that I have pitched. That was a game fairly early in my career, when I hooked up in a pitching duel with Rube Waddell. That day we scored a run off him in the Oklahoma state Cowboys mascot depth shirt and I will buy this first inning. This didn’t please Rube at all. He wasn’t feeling particularly ambitious that day, and as he came in to the bench, he started to limp. His leg, it seemed, hurt him a good deal. We had a coach at the time who had a deep knowledge of human nature and a particular knowledge of Rube Waddell’s nature. He started after Rube, without an instant’s delay. “You’d better be getting on your way to the showers,” he said. “If you don’t get out of the box, we’ll knock you out.”

Somehow, that remark got under Rube’s skin. He really was a sensitive soul under it all. He made up his mind that he wouldn’t quit. Instead, he came back the Oklahoma state Cowboys mascot depth shirt and I will buy this next inning with blood in his eyes, and from then on he gave the greatest exhibition of all-round speed and unhittable curves that I ever looked at. They scored a run off me, meantime, to tie up the tally. The game drifted into extra innings. In the eleventh inning they scored another run and beat me by 2 to 1. In those eleven innings Rube struck out seventeen Washington players. Most of the time they were choking up on the bat and just trying to keep from getting struck out. But Rube burned them past in spite of everything.


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