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This is an interesting topic. I’m aware of this but didn’t realize that it’s being spoken about. Which I’m glad it is! Obviously this will be from my experience and observations. I see this a great deal in older children and Adolescents. It seems to start off as a way to hide the Viva Hog Vegas shirt moreover I love this body. It’s generally associated with poor body image, self esteem issues, body dysmorphic disorder, and social anxiety. However if those issues are not appropriately addressed then the attachment to the “hoodie” will continue and develop into a “need” to have it on whenever uncomfortable. As suggested in a different response, it’s very similar to a comfort blanket. It becomes concerning as the client will wear the hoodie despite the weather conditions, including in 100 degree heat. I will typically see this in a clinical setting, when the client begins to develop significant anxiety and a development of comborbid depressive symptoms. The insight into the use of the hoodie is typically not well understood by the client nor others. It can be fairly difficult to treat when it escalates to this, and often a psychiatrist should be involved. When the underlying issues for the need for the hoodie are appropriately addressed then it will be less dependent upon. I can also see this occurring with older clients, with similar issues or even psychosis. The use of headphones may also be seen with clients who are experiencing psychosis as some clients feel that the blocking of noise will decrease auditory hallucinations.

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