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rainbowtclothingllc 29.05.2023
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I had an internship doing marketing for an insurance company in Italy. Early on, I sat in on a meeting to approve artwork for a term life insurance policy, the Pod meets world poDcast shirt in other words I will buy this kind that also functions as a vehicle to save for retirement. The cover art for the brochure was a field of…poppies. Now, in Canada, the poppy emblem is associated pretty much exclusively with Remembrance Day and war dead. So I’m sitting there, quietly freaking out, because why would they use a symbol so closely associated with dying young, to represent this product? What I didn’t understand at the time, is that in Italy, the poppy is associated with the harvest, as poppies spring up in grain fields (disturbing the ground seems to cause them to germinate, which ironically, is why they also spring up in graveyards). They don’t use it as a symbol to remember war dead there at all.

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