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nbnpremium 29.05.2023
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or it depends on you as the Catch bass gain mass eat ass shirt moreover I love this customer , the buyer ( personally i like jordans or nike sneakers in low now high or mid they make your feet look way more chunky than they are unless you can pull that off . But other than that i recommend getting sneakers in low any ,but in low, why ? You don’t take a lot of time putting on high or mid shoes . Lows just look better in my opinion and they take less time . less time for you and for your feet ! thanks thats all i have to say .

If you’re looking at it referencing to the Catch bass gain mass eat ass shirt moreover I love this NBA, it’s just that technology in shoes have evolved to suit the player needs in terms of flexibility, agility and speed. These days, shoes have to be lightweight, breathable and flexible for long games. Jordan 1s aren’t suitable for basketball now. However, if you are referencing to why they Jordan 1 bred was banned then I tell you how. In 1984, Jordan signed a contract with Nike to make his own signature basketball shoe. The original colourway was the OG Chicago’s, however as time passed they release another one in a black and red colourway. At the time, the NBA had a strict uniform policy that had to be followed. This show broke that rule and as a result, was banned from the NBA. Some say that he was even fined with $5000 for every game he played in them. This caused lots of controversies and ultimately gave it the title of Jordan 1 Banned. This became quite popular among streetwear as it gave people a feeling of breaking the rules.


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