Villanova Wildcats The Road To Dallas 2023 March Madness shirt

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#Teechallaclothing Winter glamour wove its way through this week’s best beauty Instagrams. For Tracee Ellis Ross, that manifested as a heavy-handed wing of onyx liner, while Lizzo relied on a bombshell blowout and a hazy, romantic eye. Elle Fanning paused for a post-awards-show, pre-after-party selfie centering mussed peek-a-boo blonde and a red lip, as elsewhere, Justin Bieber proved a pouty visage and beanie go a long way, and Billie Eilish wore bangs and rust-rimmed lids. Finally, Selma Blair showcased her time in New York City, running around town with a tousled blonde pixie and generally radiating joy. Reveling in the Villanova Wildcats The Road To Dallas 2023 March Madness shirt Apart from…,I will love this human experience: the best beauty note of all. Are you excited?” Ellen Marmur, MD, asks me, beaming from behind her mask, when I settle into a treatment room at her white-walled Upper East Side office on a cold winter afternoon. The Manhattan-based dermatologist has just returned from a weekend at Revance’s headquarters in Nashville, where the pharmaceutical company hosted about 80 cosmetic dermatologists and plastic surgeons for a series of intensive seminars on Daxxify, the latest neuromodulator to receive FDA approval for the treatment of the glabella, the frequently furrowed lines between the eyebrows. In the company’s clinical trials, “Daxi,” as Marmur refers to it, had shown median outcomes lasting six months—sometimes up to nine months—more than twice as long as any other botulinum product on the market. As a member of Daxxify’s scientific advisory board since 2018, Marmur was one of the first providers to receive the injectable, which is being marketed as “the future of aesthetics” since it began its slow rollout at the end of last year. Her enthusiasm is palpable. “We’ve seen so many things come and go,” Marmur continues, prepping a syringe. “But really this broke through the noise.”

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