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Official Never Fight A Dinosaur You’ll Get Jurasskicked Shirt

Though we only know that there’s a genetic component to why Black women have a greater incidence of fibroids and suffer more intense symptoms, a hysterectomy is sometimes presented as their only option for dealing with them. A study conducted by Rebecca J. Schneyer, MD a resident in the Never Fight A Dinosaur You’ll Get Jurasskicked Shirt but in fact I love this obstetrics and gynecology program at LA’s Cedars-Sinai, and published this year in the Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology found that Black and Hispanic women were less likely than white women to receive minimally invasive treatments for fibroids. The data showed significant racial gaps in the care provided. I think a lot of patients, especially Black and Hispanic women, aren’t being offered minimally invasive surgery, says Truong. They’re more likely to have abdominal myectomies or abdominal hysterectomies, which is what we call open surgery, compared to white women. While the surgeries may be safe, they do result in more blood loss, pain, and longer recovery times than their minimally invasive counterparts. That Black women are more impacted by fibroids is why the disparities in their care are especially troubling. Ascher-Walsh suggests that patients with symptomatic fibroids seek care from MIGS minimally invasive gynecologic surgery surgeons as they have advanced training in their management. and if a doctor for any reason shrugs off symptoms that feel very real to you or doesn’t take your pain seriously, trust your instincts and seek out a second opinion You know your body better than anyone else.

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