10 Mistakes When Buying An Apartment In An Immobilien Ulm

martinahale 21.01.2021
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Immobilien Ulm

1. Carelessness in real estate.

In real estate, when choosing an apartment from an Immobilien Ulm, do not forget to check the developer. One of the most reliable sources of information is former customers. Do not be too lazy to go to the already constructed objects, if any, and ask about the quality of apartments and services. Pay special attention to how many years the company has been operating in the real estate market, in which it invested, and whether these projects were completed on time, whether it has the right of ownership (rental right) to land and permission to build a residential building.

2. Overconfidence in real estate.

Buying - selling an apartment with one’s hands is not always cheaper. A realtor differs from the seller not only in the knowledge of the law and the legal nuances of the transaction but also in the ability to negotiate professionally. And this means that the deal will go faster with less time, moral, and sometimes financial losses in real estate. In addition to the professional Immobilienmakler is a base of lawyers who can vouch for the legal cleanliness of the apartment.

3. Financial negligence in real estate.

When making a transaction, you will have to deal with a large amount of money, so "trust, but verify." The preliminary contract must clearly spell out the rules for transferring money. Organize a money check using a professional cashier on special equipment in Immobilien Ulm.

4. Bad time to buy real estate.

Do not rush to make the final decision on buying an apartment, especially if you have chosen summer to search for suitable options. Find out if there is a school or other educational institution nearby. In the fall, when young people return from vacation, in the vicinity it can be not only noisy but also unsafe. Try to find out who your future neighbours are. By the end of the holiday season, the flow of cars usually also increases - pay attention to how the nearby motorways are located and estimate the time that you may spend in traffic jams.

5. Choosing a place, not a home.

The presence of a beautiful view from the window is often used as an additional factor in attracting customers. Do not succumb to the advertising descriptions in the brochures: it is possible that in the place of a grove or lawn in a few years there will be a 30 - story house or motorway. Ask the developer or Immobilien Ulm to familiarize you with the development plan. Check the information in the district office.

6. A superficial approach.

When choosing an apartment in the secondary market, pay attention to the age of the building and its condition. Do not get carried away by the external characteristics of the apartment - cracks may be hidden under beautiful wallpaper. Invite an independent appraiser - even by how the walls are plastered, he will be able to determine if the repair was done in a hurry to hide the flaws.

7. Underestimation of state authorities.

Check the legality of all redevelopments in the selected apartment, and also find out if their plan was agreed with BTI. If a redevelopment takes place in Immobilien Ulm, but you did not bother to check it, the authorities may oblige you to restore the apartment to its previous state.

8. Legal ignorance.

Not everyone who calls himself a realtor or a notary public really is. Check with the real estate agent for an agency agreement, validity period, foreseen reasons for termination. For more relevant mistakes you can visit here.

9. Inability to bargain.

If you buy an apartment through an agent, keep in mind that most offers are already contained in electronic versions of real estate databases. When buying with your hands, keep in mind that the apartments for sale in most cases have an inflated price - by 10-15%. Bargain within reasonable limits.

10. The mess in the apartment.

If you are selling an apartment and getting ready to move, take the time to put your housing in order. Even such a trifle as shiny windows can have a decisive influence on potential buyers.

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