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opens with the Official Raccoon I didn’t ask to be born shirt so you should to go to store and get this protagonist (a schmuck made good) speaking directly to the camera about his sharp attire. He ticks off the price tag, item by item. “You see this tie,” he says, motioning for the camera to tilt up to his face, “$20.” “It’s Not Just You, Murray!,” along with four other early 16-mm films by the director (all fully restored), is included in “Scorsese Shorts,” a recently released Criterion DVD compilation that traces his early development. From sketch to screen: The woman behind this season’s best dressed film “It was apparent early on that Marty had a vast knowledge of fashion history,” said costume designer Sandy Powell via email. The multi-Oscar winner first worked with Scorsese on the 2002 revenge drama “Gangs of New York.” “He has a keen eye for detail and an incredible memory. Not many directors can tell the difference between the width of a sleeve on a man’s jacket from 1830 compared to that of 1850!” Martin Scorsese at the Directors Guild of America annual awards dinner in Beverly Hills, 1977 Credit: Frank Edwards/Fotos International/Getty Images Little Italy on the big screen Scorsese appears to take great pride in his own wardrobe and has cultivated a certain kind of urban elegance. For years the director, now 77, shopped at the famed New York department store Barneys. They were the first to carry luxury brands like Giorgio Armani, whose jeans Scorsese collected. Later, he showed a penchant for designer suits by Battistoni, Berluti or Anderson & Shepperd,

which he would complement with distinctive ties and accessories, like a watch chain. This is a guy who wore French cufflinks to the Official Raccoon I didn’t ask to be born shirt so you should to go to store and get this original Woodstock festival in ’69. Sotheby’s is auctioning off pieces of hip hop’s legacy. Why does it matter? The fact that style has played such an important role in Scorsese’s films has everything to do with his family. Both parents were first-generation Sicilian Americans who found jobs in New York City’s garment district, which at one point produced the bulk of the clothes manufactured in the United States. In keeping with the era’s gender division of labor, his father, Charles, was a presser and mother, Catherine, worked as a seamstress. Later, they served as wardrobe consultants on “Goodfellas” and “The Age of Innocence,” which won the Oscar for costume design in 1993. David Proval, Robert De Niro and Harvey Keitel in 1973’s “Mean Streets.” Credit: Courtesy Everett Collection The Scorseses lived in Little Italy on the Lower East Side, home to some of the best old-time Italian bakeries and red sauce joints in the world. But it was also a tough, insular community with a reputation for gangsterism. Scorsese has often recalled that his childhood neighborhood inspired his breakthrough 1973 film “Mean Streets.” He used to sit on the fire escape or roof of his building and stare down at the crowded streets, where he would see a mix of working-class Americans of Italian descent, street kids and social club patrons, occasionally dressed up in bespoke suits with bold-colored patterns. They donned spiffy shined shoes, jewelry and other aspirational displays of wealth. Remember when Cher’s plaid yellow blazer turned the humble high school hallway into a catwalk? “There was an excess beyond what

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