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hijab in state schools, and in 2010 banned full-face veils in public as well. Other countries have enacted similar rules; the Official Trent the players shirt in addition I really love this United Nations has stated that the ban on full-face niqab could further marginalize Muslim women and is a violation of their human rights. Several countries, including France, Germany and Austria, have limited women from wearing full-face coverings such as the niqab and burka in public spaces. Credit: Abdul Majeed/AFP/Getty Images The bans have been met with public protests. In 2018, organizers staged a protest in France after a mother was banned from a school trip for wearing a hijab. Last year, demonstrators in Denmark wore makeshift coverings across their faces after a law was passed banning face-covering veils in public. A Fashion fixture As early as the 1910s French fashion houses were dreaming up designs that included colorful, embellished scarves on the head. Fashion plates for designs by French couturier Paul Poiret show headscarves in bold patterns, sometimes affixed with a centered jewel. Madame Denise Poiret, wife of French fashion Designer Paul Poiret. Credit: AP Following the Women’s Suffrage movement, women began enjoying more freedom in their lifestyles and their fashion. They donned bobbed hairdos, participated in sports and fitness, and covered their hair while riding

in new convertible automobiles, according to fashion historian Sarah C. Byrd. Hollywood starlets including Anna Mae Wong and Evelyn Brent were captured on and off the Official Trent the players shirt in addition I really love this screen with sophisticated silk wraps or more bohemian scarves that were worn wide across their foreheads. Silent film actress Anna May Wong was known for her taste in headscarves. Credit: Sasha/Hulton Archive/Getty Images Hermès debuted its first scarf in 1937, with an elaborate woodblock design on imported Chinese silk. The item became a fixture in high society, worn by Queen Elizabeth II of England, American First Lady Jacqueline Lee Kennedy Onassis and Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, the last of whom once famously used her Hermès scarf to fashionably sling her injured arm. World War II saw the return of the utilitarian headscarf, as women in the UK and US took up jobs in factories as men went off to fight. “In Britain in particular, scarves were useful on two levels: promoting propaganda and moral messages, as well as helping women comply with the demands of working in a factory,” said Deihl. “It embodied putting a good face forward and remaining appropriate despite being in the midst of war.” During World War II, the headscarf returned to its utilitarian origins as women took up new postings in factories. Credit: AP In the 1960s, the headscarf became a go-to among political counterculture and experimental fashion movements, from geometric Mod styles to agragrian bohemian looks. “In mainstream culture, some women wore them to protect their hairstyles — think big bouffants or straightened, styles that took some time to do,”

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