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hottrendclothing 28.09.2023
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#Hottrendclothing Fashion LLC In anticipation of fall and the Omar You Didn’t Deserve Me Shirt and I love this transitional season, I scooped up this oversized Breton striped pullover that I plan to style with my favorite trousers and ankle boots. Also, I have a weakness for merch-related items—sweaters, totes, water bottles, you name it. When dropped its latest line of varsity-style sweaters in our shop, I couldn’t resist adding one to my cart immediately. This is the perfect all-purpose dress. I can pair it with boots and wear it to the office but just as easily throw it on with sneakers for a casual weekend night dinner. The color and print get me immediately in the fall mood. This geek-chic sweater vest caught my eye as I walked past the Mango store at the Barcelona airport during my most recent layover. Despite the fact that, at that moment, I wished I was still lounging on a beach in the South of France on holiday, I couldn’t help but think of how fun these mustard and lilac hues would be to wear during the upcoming season—all summers must come to an end after all! It might have been an impulse purchase at the time, but I’ve already plotted wearing it this fall with relaxed, pleated black trousers, a smart belt, and my lug sole Gucci loafers!

#Hottrendclothing Fashion LLC I recently stayed at a friend’s house and was turned on to Mountain Ocean’s Skin Trip Coconut Moisturizer. I lather it on after using my (also new!) shower obsession, the Omar You Didn’t Deserve Me Shirt and I love this C & The Moon Malibu body scrub. The combination not only smells heavenly but also makes me feel as if summer can last forever. My sister’s wedding is coming up in a few weeks, and I bought this Attico dress for the occasion. I love the silver hardware and high neck. While it’s definitely an investment piece, I know it’s something I’ll wear time and time again.


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