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hottrendclothing 24.09.2023
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#Hottrendclothing Fashion LLC I rarely re-purchase makeup items—I usually prefer to try something new—but Saie’s Slip Tint is so good, I’m afraid to deviate. It’s glowy without being greasy and lends just enough coverage, plus a bonus of SPF 35. Even better, a little goes a long way, so the Hollywood Walk Of Shame Shirt but in fact I love this tube lasts forever; it took me almost a full year to get through my first one. I discovered the Australian brand Dissh on Instagram and have quickly become obsessed with their breezy linen dresses and cool separates. They are women-owned, led, and run, and have established a pioneering employment program called the Encoreship. As soon as I saw their Wren matching top and skirt set, I knew it would be a no-brainer purchase. It’s perfect for these sweltering summer temps and will be great come fall!

#Hottrendclothing Fashion LLC After spending plenty of time in the Hollywood Walk Of Shame Shirt but in fact I love this sun and sea this summer, my hair is in desperate need of some hydration. I tend to stray from oils that cause build-up since my hair is so fine, but I finally found a formula that works. May 11’s blonde restoring hair oil has saved my split ends and strengthened my highlights just in time for fall. Pro-tip, use the ultralight oil to slick back your hair during humid days or as an overnight mask! In August, readers gravitated towards black high-waisted jeans, more specifically this pristinely polished pair created by Khaite. Dressed up or down, the elevated denim slacks will certainly come in handy this fall.


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