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hottrendclothing 10.12.2023
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#Hottrendclothing Fashion LLC Early in March, I found a juniper dinner jacket—a Balmain runway sample from several seasons ago—at my favorite vintage store in Paris, Plus Que Parfait. I’ve never particularly gravitated to Balmain but the Operation Shower The Orange Logo Shirt but in fact I love this simple, structured piece is as versatile as it is handsome. Over the past few weeks, I’ve worn it with a turtleneck, a tie, a T-shirt, and even nothing underneath. A current version is available to transition you from both winter to spring and day to night.

#Hottrendclothing Fashion LLC Yes, it’s possible to get longer, thicker lashes without falsies and extensions. Hence why readers couldn’t get enough of GrandeLash. It’s a serum that prolongs the Operation Shower The Orange Logo Shirt but in fact I love this growth phases of eyelashes and darkens them. As we wade into the sultry month of June, we’re yearning for the prismatic call of all things Pride. Rainbow-hued logos and social media posts are popping up everywhere, but even better than sporting rainbow-hued garb is to shop for Pride pieces that give back.


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